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Mon Aug 04, 2014 12:29 am by DekuNut

Good day!
For those of you who don't know me, hey. I'm DekuNut. I was an early member of the site and the only remaining member it seems. If anyone wants to join up/return and play, feel free to email me ( or PM me. I look forward to meeting you all.


Sun Sep 16, 2012 6:22 am by CrazyMidna

if you have any questions about the rp this is where you post them and ill answer it whenever I get the chance.

Rules of the site

Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:38 am by CrazyMidna

1. Respect the other members.
2. Keep swearing at a minimum, and do not say any racist, sexist, or any other derogatory comments.
3. NO spamming or trolling.
4. Use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation at all times

1. No “godmoding,” (godmoding is where you make it so your character is over powerful, nothing can harm it, has too much …

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    Post by cyberTripping on Tue May 28, 2013 11:53 pm

    Name: Eros

    Age: 32

    Gender: M

    Sexuality: Straight

    Race: Satyr/Angel hybrid. A fallen angel had tempted his mother using wealth as a way to try and use the satyr militias for his own purposes through her. Shortly after Eros' birth, both parents were slain for conspiring against the higher nobility.

    Alliance: Satyrs

    Appearance: Leaner and nimbler than typical satyrs. The hair of his legs is grey. Light olive skin, prismatic grey eyes, and dark grey hair. Has scruff, but never lets it grow to a full beard. Hair of his head is slightly straighter than the average satyr's. He has two grey feathered wings, of which he normally keeps furled. He proudly wears the armour of the militia, of red bronze and bright gold.

    Backstory: He was taken in by the militia after his parents' death, and began training at a very young age. He grew to be bitter, deceitful, and mischievous, and despising the higher up. This, along with the negative connotation of the militia, lead to him being an outcast among his people. However, he stayed true to his upbringing, and his link to his people never shattered. He began to make word for himself by being a powerful defensive force, and his reputation from this is heavily mixed. He is now adored by some, and hated by others.

    Personality: Mischievous, manipulative, and mean-spirited. Since he began getting recognized, however, he became quite the flirt. As with almost all satyrs, being challenged is practically an offense, and certainly not a smart move on the challenger's part.

    Weapons: Halberd, bouche shield

    Aligned Element: Spirit

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    Re: Eros

    Post by Mysterie on Wed May 29, 2013 3:39 am

    Good job!!

    I'm lost, so I have gone to find myself. If I should get back before I return, please ask me to wait. <3

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