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Good day!
For those of you who don't know me, hey. I'm DekuNut. I was an early member of the site and the only remaining member it seems. If anyone wants to join up/return and play, feel free to email me ( or PM me. I look forward to meeting you all.


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if you have any questions about the rp this is where you post them and ill answer it whenever I get the chance.

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    The Demon's voice - WARNING 18 + read if you dare


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    The Demon's voice - WARNING 18 + read if you dare

    Post by CrazyMidna on Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:02 am

    I thought I should be the one to start this, as writing is my passion. The demons voice is a work I'm very proud of, despite the adult scenes and grammar issues. I would like to hear what you all think though, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

    Chapter 1:

    I had always felt as if I didn’t belong in this world, my soul always felt more connected to the spirit world then the physical realm. I never spoke of this though, not to many anyway, most would call me crazy or say it was my imagination.
    As a kid I spoke to many different souls, most call them ghost but to me I knew better, a ghost is only a soul free from its physical body, unfortunately like many kids I grew out of the amazement and wonder of it all and was eventually taken over by fear and anguish

    It wasn’t the spirits themselves who clouded my gift, it was the humans, the children, bullying me day in and day out, because of this, for the longest time I was an empty shell. I felt nothing and looking back on it it’s like my whole life was in black and white, and my memories of that time reflect that fact, all my memories of that time are seen in black and white

    All that was year ago now, so I try not to dwell on it too much, I’m eighteen now and the best part is, my gifts are starting to return, I often sense if not see spirits around me, however, I am more afraid than ever. I no longer see just the spirits of humans surrounding me, it’s the spirits of the dammed, demons. One in particular has become very close to me and my soul and he never leaves my side for very long. He tells me stories of what I, apparently, really am.

    My name is Ruby-rose Louise Costello, I am eighteen turning nineteen in a week’s time, I have lived in the same town my whole life. I am a simple girl with simple desires, I like reason, writing and acting like a total loon with my best friend Nicole Williams, she’s the same age as me and have been friends since we were about eight years old.

    Other than Nicole I have one other really good friend, her name is willow and she is the most hyperactive loon you could never meet, she may be two years younger than me but we have been great friends for years now, and I really couldn’t imagine my life without her

    Willow and Nichole are two of the most important people in my life, but two of the least important people to this story, no, only one human really matters in this story, my boyfriend, Marcus Drattini. He is the kind of guy is looks big and intimidating but inside is just a big old softy. We connected in a way we thought we could never connect to anyone, like me, he has his secrets he can’t share with just anyone. These secrets stay between us, I know his crazy and he knows mine.

    This story starts long after we had discovered each other secrets and just a few months after I had started my first job, it wasn’t anything flashy, I was just another check out chick at one of those stores that sell everything, I was happy though, I was earning money and on my way to starting my own life, the people there were friendly and the money was decent.

    There was still a part of me that felt lonely and almost jealousy of everyone around me, Marcus was at university and my two friends were still at school (Nicole had to repeat a year). I was proud of them all as well, of corse, unlike me they had direction.

    I was stuck in a place where I wasn’t sure where I could go, what I could do, or even what I wanted, despite all this I was mostly happy, I never really aspired to do much with my life, I was a simple person with simple goals, all I wanted was a family Life has a funny way of not turning out how you want it though, my simple life had become complicated thanks to a little demon named Damon, and my mind had become a constant argument with him

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    Re: The Demon's voice - WARNING 18 + read if you dare

    Post by CrazyMidna on Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:03 am

    Chapter 2:

    “Will you listen to me for once!” growled the voice in my head
    “No” I replied to it out loud, I was alone in my room so I wasn’t scared of being called crazy
    “For god’s sake, why do you have to be so stubborn” growled the voice again
    “I thought demons weren’t allowed to say the word ‘god’” I said rolling my eyes at him
    “Answer the god dam question, you stubborn ass”
    “it’s because you give me no proof that you are anymore then my own mind of my imagination, Damon” Damon was the nickname I had giving him, seeing as he had never given me his real name, he had told me he didn’t because I would have no idea how to pronounce it, but I thought he just wanted to be annoying.

    “Come on Rosie, what does a guy have to do to prove you wrong” said Damon in a condescending tone, I suppose it wasn’t much of a surprise considering that he was a demon, but it always annoyed me when he spoke to me like that.

    I decided to ignore him, if I didn’t say anything he would normally go away and leave me alone but, unfortunately, today wasn’t one of those days “come on rose! We don’t have long left!”
    “Then give me prove, show yourself to me” I told him, it was the same thing I had told him many times before.
    “How many times do I have to say it!” he growled at me “I can’t god Dam you!”
    “Oh and why is that you annoyed spirit!”
    “Because I don’t bloody have that kind of power!”
    “Then get it!”
    “I’m trying! You idiot”
    “Then use some of your spirit mojo and speak to someone close to me or something!”
    “Tried that, didn’t work!”
    “Try harder” I growled at him, he just grumbled in response, I rolled my eyes at him.

    I decided to open up my laptop to see if anyone was on, with luck, my boyfriend was on. As soon as I had logged on he sent a message to me hey sunshine, I rolled my eyes at the screen, this was his nickname for me, it was incredibly cute and incredibly dorkish of him, and that was why I loved him.
    I messaged hey dorkamus which was my nickname for him and had been since I met him, it made him roll his eyes and made me giggle. We continued typing messages about how he was going at university, and how I was going at work, we hardly had any time for each other these days, but it didn’t bother us…. Too much anyway. It wasn’t easy because when you go from having each other every day to hardly seeing each other every week, the longing takes its toll.

    Hours passed we just messaged back and forth, talking about random things “you know you should tell him about me” spoke Damon “I mean, he should know that your attention is focused on another guy, plus he told you about his little fucked up mind problem”
    “Shut up!” I yelled “he doesn’t have a fucked up mind problem!”
    “Yes because seeing little people in your head is normal”
    “He doesn’t see little people in his head, he just thinks a different way!”
    “Yeah, keep telling yourself that sweetie and while you’re at it, suck my dick!”
    “You’re an invisible voice inside my head!” I growled “you don’t even have a dick!”
    “Watch it sweetie, you don’t know the things I can do even without a body!”
    “Go fuck yourself Damon!”
    “Oh sweetie, what I wouldn’t give to fuck you”
    “Ugh, your disgusting and quit calling me sweetie!”
    “Why not! You like it too much!?”
    “Ugh, why would I like it?”
    “I can think of a few reasons”
    “GET LOST YOU SICKO!” I said, throwing my pillow at empty air, that was when I heard a knock on the door “are you ok in there?” it was my mums voice
    “Y….. Yeah I’m fine” I said “just….. Just some random won’t quit trying to add me ok Skype”
    “if that’s all, dinner will be ready soon” I heard her walk away, and I turned, I could imagine Damon laying smugly on the bed “this is all your fault” I said, glaring at him, even though I couldn’t actually see him “you know what my mum would do if she saw me talking to you again…. She already did it once”
    “oh poor me, poor me, my mum thinks I’m a crazy person, yeah well at least your parents didn’t try to eat you, or kill you, or anything like that”
    “Whatever, just go back to lounging about and watching my every move!”
    “Sure will, can’t wait till you get changed again…. Always my favourite part”
    “Ugh” I went back to messaging with Marcus, soon enough I heard my mum call out “dinner!” I sent a quick message saying that dinner was ready and went down stairs.

    When I got down there I saw that dinner was just McDonalds which didn’t bother me so much, what was bothering though was the look my mother was giving me. At home it was just me and my mother, I was an only child and my dad went off when I was only young…. I know I was the one who scared him off, I shouldn’t have told him what I was seeing and my mum…. My mum put up with me because she had to, not because she wanted to. She was just waiting for the day I moved out and took all the weirdness from her life.

    I finished my dinner and that was when my mother decided to speak “you’re not speaking to…. It… again are you?”
    “No mum” I said, refusing to face her “I told you, I’m all cured, I don’t see ghost or….. It… anymore”
    “Good” my mum said “because if you are, I will have to take you back to that place… for good”
    “I know mum, I know” I said walking off, there was no way I was going back there, it might have only been for a day, but still, it was scary and left me scarred for life…. Both mentally and physically. My hand automatically moved up to my shoulder where I caressed the spot where, only a few years ago, had been a bloody mess, I still had the scar on my shoulder from where that manic had attacked me.
    I returned to my room and continued to chat to Marcus until he had to go to sleep, not long after I got changed and went to bed, a smile in my face like most nights. My great grandmother always came to me at night before I fell asleep, I knew because I felt a hand caressing my face every night, and Damon hardly ever stayed during the night, normally I didn’t care but this night a part of me wondered, where did Damon go every night, and was he ok.

    In my dream there was a small house, a random house in the middle of the suburbs. I had no idea where I was and was sure I had never been here before. As I watched I saw a man enter the house. It was strange though, the man didn’t seem to move through a door, no, it was more like he entered through the wall. ‘I want to follow him’ I thought ‘I want to know what he’s doing’ before I knew It I zoomed through the wall, just like the man had done, however, the man was nowhere to be seen. As I walked through the house I heard noises that sounded like moans. I soon came to a bedroom with a wide open door, in it I saw two people….. Making love….. They were atop the blankets as if they had had too much passion between each other to even get under the sheets.

    That wasn’t what surprised me though, no, what surprised me was the fact that the man had a tail coming out from the bottom of his spin, and had large blood red wings coming from his back. He held his wings straight up as if he was trying to show off the women beneath him, he growled with passion and anger. Slowly though, as if he had felt that I was there he looked up, his hair was the same colour as his wings and his eyes glowed red with a mixture of lust, anger, and power. I was too scared to even move.

    The man looked me in my eyes and said “Rosie!” as if he was surprised I was there. That was when I ran, and ran, and ran. I woke up, the sun shining through my window, my last memory of the dream echoing in my ears, the fear I felt as I ran as fast as I could, to get away from the demon again.

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    Re: The Demon's voice - WARNING 18 + read if you dare

    Post by CrazyMidna on Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:03 am

    Chapter 3:

    I stayed in my bed for a little while longer then I should have that day, I had a day off work so I would be home alone all day, all alone with my thoughts. It was just a dream, it was a dream I told myself, over and over, but the dream felt way too real my liking. I had read about dreams and I knew that the mind couldn’t make up pictures that it had never seen before and I was certain I had never been to that place before, that I had never seen that women before, not even in passing.

    “Damon!” I said, suddenly panicked and worried “Damon where are you!”
    “I’m right here in your head like always, you idiot” grumbled Damon “geeze I’m still asleep, why did you have to wake me”
    “I was worried…. I had a bad dream” I said, sitting up hugging my knees
    “What happened?” he asked
    “I saw a demon…. Having sex…. With a random girl….. He looked at me” I said, my face in my knees “he called me…. Rosie…..”
    “Hey, it was just a dream, seriously, you think I could be an incubus demon” I could feel him rolling his eyes at me
    “A what?” I asked
    “An IN-CU-BUS….. It’s a demon who gets his power from having sex….. Depending on their power some do it in their victim’s dreams, others have an actual physical form and do it with them with a physical body, and as you can see I am just a lesser demon”
    “If you’re a lesser demon why did HE send you to stalk me, wouldn’t he trust a more powerful demon?”
    “Because he didn’t send me, I came from a small group of demons who want you, they sent me because the more powerful ones from that group are busy”
    “Wait wait wait, HE doesn’t want me, I thought you said…..”
    “I wasn’t lying when I said what I said, I never said He wanted you though”
    “But, ugh, forget it, this is too confusing” I said
    “Yes, yes you should” there was a pause then he added “so….. Does this mean you believe me?”
    “Hell no!” I growled getting up and getting changed for the day, I decided to put on a black and red t-shirt, black jeans and black ankle high boots. As I did I looked in the mirror, my hair was as black as a ravens wings and came down to below my shoulders. My eyes were a bright aqua colour, and looked gorgeous, my skin was soft and slightly pale. I knew I wasn’t skinny but I wasn’t fat either just like I wasn’t short or tall either. I was an unusual looking person that was for sure, but I loved it, as did my boyfriend, and, apparently, so did Damon, he would always whistle or comment as I got dressed.

    Once I was done, I left my house for my daily walk around the block, it always relaxed me. Nothing much happened during these walks, but today I couldn’t stop looking around as if someone was going to come up behind me, but nothing happened. I was probably just being paranoid from the dream. When I arrived home I noticed that it was already dark, and the full moon was out “mum is ganna be pissed” I entered the house and that’s when I felt strange…. Something was wrong in my house. I walked around until I noticed a man sitting on the couch…. Completely naked. I moved silently backwards and grabbed a frying pan that was sitting on the bench, it was there because I hadn’t been bothered to do the dishes earlier that day, and ran screaming into the lounge, I swung the frying pan at his head but he caught it, I flung my leg up, trying to kick him but he caught my leg “Rosie! Quit it!” the man pushed me back, and fell on my behind
    “DAMON!” I said shocked “how… what…. I’m dreaming, aren’t I, I fell asleep in the middle of the street”
    “No its me, you idiot” Damon said sighing and slapping his face
    “But what… how!”
    “pretty simple, I got enough power to make a physical body, go on, turn on the light, I wanted to surprise you” I did as I was told and turned on the light and my jaw dropped, his skin was tanned, his body was strong, with a six pack and everything, his eyes were such a rich dark brown they almost looked black, his hair was shoulder length and was the colour of dark chocolate, he was what most girls would call hot.

    I noticed a cheeky smile come over his face “am I that hot am I” he said, I glared at him and slapped his arm “go put a pair of pants before my mother, or worse, my boyfriend comes over”
    “No” he said “for one, we won’t have to worry about your bitch of a mother anymore, and for two, I quite enjoy being naked, always hated clothing”
    “Wha…what do you mean we won’t have to worry about my mother”
    “killed her” he said “she was horrible to you, she didn’t deserve to live” I stared at him in shock, he had killed my mother, a part of me was relieved, my mother had always been horrible to me, and part of me really and truly hated her for it, but she was my mother and the only one I had ever known but what got me most was how he had seemed so open and straight forward about it “how….. How could you!” I yelled “MY MOTHER!”
    “She hated you anyway! I did you a favour! You should be on your knees showing your appreciation right now!”

    “I don’t care if she hated me, she was my mother!” I yelled at him, grabbing him by his throat and slamming him against the wall “and let us get this straight! I’m forgiving you this time, this is just a warning, but next time, I will make you suffer” I let go of his throat and he fell to the ground gasping for breath “ok…. No more killing, geeze, all you had to do was tell me not to kill anyone else, not choke me half to death” he stood up smiling and me an engulfed me in a huge hug “man I can’t believe I’m able to do this!”
    “Ugh! Let go of me! I don’t like feeling you rubbing up against me!” he let go “and since when do you care about me anyway! You just want me for your stupid war!”
    “You really are an idiot, you know that” Damon said, looking somewhat angry and disappointed at the same time.

    “Whatever, just go back to being a spirit, you’re an ugly ass to look at” I looked away from him, not able to handle the look he was giving me
    “Is that really what you want?” he said sounding sad
    “Yes” I said, trying to keep my voice steady
    “You always were a bad liar…. Rosie” he moved forward to stand next to me, I noticed that the sun was coming up and I heard him groan in pain “I should have known this would happen” he said “you’re getting your wish Rosie….. I really wish I had more time with you” I felt his hand brush softly across my face then, in a lord scream of pain, the kind that goes right through to your core, he disappeared. I had to turn a few times to make sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me… Damon had disappeared, how was it possible?… Did he… did he die, all these thoughts and more wondered through my mind, I only let out a breath when the familiar annoyed voice of Damon echoed through my mind “I’m not dead you idiot” he said “just lost my physical form, fuck, and I worked so hard for it to”

    “Ok, so explain to me….. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!”
    “clam down” he said, I could feel him rolling his eyes “it’s pretty simple what happened, I got enough power to show my physical HUMAN form, unfortunately, its only ganna work at night, the stupid thing, I need more power”
    “So as soon as the sun comes up…. You’re back to this?”
    “Well….. Good, no more killing!” I paused “oh god….. What am I going to do! I don’t have a job that pays enough for this house, I barely have enough to get stuff I want!”
    “Relax” said Damon “we have taken care of it, A powerful female demon will take the place of your mother, she will look after you, and even look like your mum”
    “Are you sure?”
    “Positive, so just relax alright, and get some sleep, you’ve been up all night, you need it”
    “Ok” I said nodding “Night Damon” I walked upstairs and curled up into bed, quickly falling, into a dreamless sleep.

    I woke up later that day to a knock on the door, grumbling about how annoying people I walked to the door, in my normal sleepwear, a t-shirt and underwear. “What!” I grumbled as I opened the door, only to find that it was my boyfriend, Marcus “oh I’m sorry” I said blushing “I…. I didn’t realise it was you” he smiled his charmingly cute sweet heart boy smile, this was the smile that had made me fall in love with him “I don’t mind” he said, engulfing me in a big hug “the view is a plus” I rolled my eyes at him “come on in” I said, as he walked inside, closing the door behind him
    “So where is your mum?” he asked, curious
    “Ah…. She’s out, she will be home later”
    “Where has she gone?” he asked
    “Don’t know” I shrugged, it wasn’t a total lie, I wasn’t sure where my mum was, but I had my suspicions
    “Well, that’s good for us” he said, wrapping his arms around me and kissing me. I always smiled when he kissed me, it was so soft and full of love

    You know he’s just doing this to get into your very on display panties echoed Damon’s voice in my head
    Ugh, bug off you I thought back to him he’s my boyfriend, he’s allowed to want that
    Yeah sure, as long as his hearts in it, trust me, his heart isn’t what he’s listening to I sighed, Damon always intruded at the worst times. Pulling back I looked up at Marcus, his sky blue eyes looking down at me full with such love and compassion, I cupped his face in my hand, my fingertips touching the edge of his dark brown hair “I love you” I said smiling
    “I love you to” he replied
    Ugh, quit with the mushy lovey dovey stuff please grumbled Damon
    Quit it with the jealousy I replied to him
    Me jealous? Of this wimp? Geeze I could beat him with a toothpick and win

    “You seem distracted” came Marcus’ voice
    “Just lost in thought” I said, smiling up at him
    “Well, let’s distract you from those thoughts, shell we” he said, a cheeky grin on his face
    “My my” I said, grinning back just as cheekily “I believe I was thinking the same thing” giggling, I lead him up to my room, closing the door softly behind me.

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    Re: The Demon's voice - WARNING 18 + read if you dare

    Post by CrazyMidna on Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:04 am

    Chapter 4


    I was worried, I hadn’t heard from her all day, my beautiful ruby-rose. It was a strange thing when I didn’t hear from her, normally it meant that she was having a hard time at home or she was annoyed at something I did that I didn’t realise I had done. Ruby-rose was really a lot of work, but I loved her, even though I shouldn’t, I knew if the father found out he wouldn’t be pleased, but it was my duty to keep her from falling, and if that meant her loving me, so be it

    I heard a bell chime in the corner of my room, it was already three o’clock already. That did it, I was going to check up on her, she would have normally found a way to contact me by now if something was wrong. I got up quickly running as fast as I could to her house. By the time I got there I was exhausted, I took a few deep breaths and then knocked on the door.

    To my luck she answered on the first knock, unfortunately she was grouchy and answered it with a very rude “What!” I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was wearing just a t-shirt and underwear, I kept my face calm, trying not to blush, or show the excitement I was feeling. I tried to reply but before I did she spoke “oh I’m sorry” she said, her cute little face turning the most adorable shade of pink “I didn’t realise it was you” I smiled at her, she always was the only one I had ever known who could make me smile this way “I don’t mind” I told her truthfully, as I took her in my arms “the view is a plus”

    I saw her roll her eyes, which made my smiled widen “come inside” she said, pulling me inside and shutting the door behind us. “So” I said, wanting to make sure she was ok “where is your mum?”
    “Ah” she said “she’s out, she will be home later” I could tell by the look in her eyes, she was lying
    “Where has she gone?” I asked, knowing full well that if she was still home she would have said that her mum was off visiting her friend angelica
    “Don’t know” she shrugged, that was her brush off for something bad has happen, but I knew she would tell me when she was ready
    “Well, that’s good for us” I said, wrapping my arms around her and kissing her. I always felt her smile when I kissed her, I knew I made her happy, which made me happy in turn

    After a few moments she pulled back and simply said “I love you” her hand cupping my face, I had always loved when she did that “I love you to” I replied, smiling into her beautiful eyes. We stood there for several minutes, not saying a word, she looked as if she had something on her mind. I needed to know what it was, but I knew she wouldn’t tell me if I asked directly

    “You seem distracted” I told her, not able to keep the feeling that something, or someone was watching us
    “Oh, just lost in thought” she said, smiling at me. I knew that smile, that was her something is wrong but I don’t want talk about it yet smile, I knew that meant the best thing I could do was nothing right now, she would open up when she was ready, that had always been her way “well lets distract you from those thoughts shell we” I told her, grinning cheekily at her
    “my my” she said, grinning just as cheekily back at me “I believe I was thinking the same thing” giggling, she lead me up to her room, closing the door softly behind us.

    Hours later, she lay in my arms, smiling blissfully, her face snuggled deep into my chest. These were the moments I could never lose. I knew it was wrong, I knew a man like me shouldn’t lay with a women like her, but I didn’t care, I loved her, I just hoped the father would understand, that he wouldn’t punish me like he had others.

    “I love you” I told her, kissing her softly on the forehead
    “I love you to” she said, smiling up at me, I leant in to kiss her, that’s when I head the door slam
    “Oh hell!” she said getting up and getting dressed again “that will be her…. My mother I mean” once again I could tell she was lying, so I simply nodded and got up to put my clothing back on.

    Once we were dressed we walked to the lounge hand in hand, that’s when I saw her, the women who was clearly not Ruby-rose’s mother. It was strange though, the women looked like her mother but something in her eye’s told me otherwise. The women’s eyes seemed more…. Warm? Happy? Loving? I couldn’t think of the right word for it “I…. I better get going now” I said “It was nice seeing you today ruby-rose, I’m glad you’re safe” I leant in a kissed her softly on her lips, before turning to the women “goodbye ma’am, lovely seeing you again”

    The women smiled at me “you to, Marcus” she said, sending a chill down my spine. I smiled once again, before leaving. As I walked a lot of things were going through my head, but one thought stuck. The women wasn’t ruby-rose’s mother, no, the women was a demon, I could sense it, but why, why would a demon have kindness and love in their eyes, it made no sense.


    I watched as Marcus left in a hurry, I didn’t even have time to say goodbye did he know, oh god…. What if he did that thought kept swimming around my mind, Marcus couldn’t know, he was the last good thing in my life “I didn’t know you were into that type” said the women, I turned to face her “but oh well, if you want to get him in trouble, be my guest, a new demon wouldn’t hurt”
    “Leave him out of this” I said, glaring at her “Marcus isn’t involved”
    “Oh, I see, you really don’t know, do you” she said, smiling
    “Know what?” I said, curious
    “It’s not my place to tell really”

    “Ugh whatever” I said “just get rid of the stupid disguise, I don’t wanna look at that face”
    “Very well” she said, her skin seeming to ripple and change into her true form. It shocked me, until then I had never seen a demon in its true form, I was sure it would be ugly with larges horns coming from its head, and rotting flesh falling from its body, but no, the women’s body was beautiful, her hair was golden, like sunshine, her skin was fair but had the slightest reddish tint to it, her body was perfectly proportioned, however she didn’t look thin.

    From the top of her head came two small horns that were pitch black, the same from the two large wings coming from her back and the tail coming from the bottom of her spine. You would think that her demonic features were what would have shocked me most, but now, it wasn’t that, it was her eyes, they were still a bright blue, so bright they almost seemed to glow “I said go back to your true form” I told her, trying to hid my shock “not this half human form, at least make it believable, no demon has blue eyes”

    “this is my true form” she said sounding very understanding “not all demons have red eyes, or have a typical demon form, in fact, many of us have this half human form as you call it” she paused “oh my, where are my manners, my name is Raven, I am a demon of envy”
    “Envy? You’re beautiful, what would you have to be envious of?” I asked, curiously
    “Oh you misunderstand” Raven said laughing slightly “I cause envy, not feel envy, well, maybe sometimes I feel envy, when someone gets the attention of one of the most powerful demons of lust, isn’t that right, Damon”
    “Yeah yeah yeah, I’m here, what do you expect? I was feeding off the energy those two were producing” came Damon’s voice
    “YOU WERE WATCHING AGAIN! UGH I HATE YOU!” I yelled at him, then I realised “wait! Powerful! I thought you said you were a lesser!”
    “well duh I was watching, and yes I lied, big deal, not the first I’ve done it, but I ain’t ganna put ya in danger, plus I thought if you thought I was a lesser I would be more likely to get lucky”
    “Your disgusting Damon”
    “For protecting you, thanks for the gratitude”
    “Now now” said raven “no fighting, Damon, you know her power, just because she doesn’t know it, it doesn’t mean you can abuse her”
    “Ugh whatever I’m going”

    I looked around feeling his presence disappearing “ugh he’s so annoying”
    “Hey, listen to me ruby-rose” said raven sweetly “he just does what he does because he cares”
    “Damon? Care?” I said sarcastically “please, I’m just a big prize to him, he doesn’t care about me”
    “I wouldn’t be so sure” said Raven “Damon is a complicated person and he just shows his affection in a different way, I should know, I’m his sister”
    I looked up in shock “no way, not possible your way too sweet to be his sister”
    “Trust me, I’m many things but I’m not exactly sweet, I can do horrible things, but right now, I only care about one thing…. Getting rid of that tyrant who rules hell”
    “I still don’t see how you need me?”
    “You have more power then you realise, your soul knows it, why do you think you saw so many spirits as a child”
    “Children always see spirits, its normal” I told her rolling my eyes
    “Not like you it’s not, you could actually interact with me and touch them” she looked at me seriously for a moment “Ruby-rose when will you reject this physical form, this is not where you belong, this is not who you are, when will you return to hell with us”
    “You don’t know me Raven, I have a life here, I belong here” I told her
    “Fine” she said sighing “but when trouble finds you, don’t come crying to me…. Now, what would you like for dinner?”
    “I’m fine with anything” I said, smiling at her. I could tell she was just being straight forward of her views with me and I respected that, even if our views were completely different
    “Rotting flesh and mould it is” said raven laughing
    “I’m fine with anything that doesn’t kill me” I yelled out to her, laughing along with her.

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    Re: The Demon's voice - WARNING 18 + read if you dare

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    Chapter 5

    I had finished dinner and was now lying in bed, just lying there, thinking about the day’s events. I no longer had a mother, shockingly, this didn’t bother me as much as it should, I mean, my mother had treated me horribly, some days I couldn’t even go to school because the bruises on my body were too visible and people would start asking question. However, at the same time, I missed her. She was my mother, she had raised me and even helped shaped the way I was now. I guess a part of me did love her in some way “but she was never my family” I said out loud “Damon was more family than her” Damon the thought crossed through my mind I hope he’s ok, I mean, Raven could have told the truth, Damon could really care for me. I sighed, my life had been so confusing since Damon had come into it.

    I remembered the first day I had heard Damon’s call, I was about seventeen years old when it had happened. I was walking home from school, my brain off in another world when suddenly I felt a chill go through my spine “hello?” I had said, looking around “is anyone there?” it was a strange feeling but not an uncommon one, at that time I simply dismissed him as another ghost trying to freak me out, after all, what else could it have been, no one else was around. I continued walking until Damon’s voice intruded into my mind a ghost, really? He said, causing me to jump I am not some lowly spirit who longs to cross from this world to the next, no I came here from the world beyond to find you

    I looked around, trying to find where the voice had come from “Who…. Who’s there” I said trying not to let my fear show well, my real name is in the Demon language, and it’s really hard for someone who hasn’t grown up with it so….. Just call me Damon, always liked that name, pretty cool for a human name.
    “D….d….demon language” I looking into the empty space in shock.
    Yeah he said I’m a demon, and you might not wanna talk so loud, you’re getting a few crazy looks just think it, I can hear your thoughts, as you have seen.
    I looked over to see an old lady looking at me, I blushed looking down ok…. So you’re a demon, who can read minds and wants me for some reason I thought to him, trying to show how disbelieving I was to all this. Well, not all minds he said just yours, it’s kinda hard to explain, it involves enchantments, and a lot of hocus pocus a demon of my kind just doesn’t understand.
    Alright then, I think I understand what’s going on, I thought to him,
    You do!? He said sounding surprised.
    Yeah, I’m crazy! I thought to him.
    Ugh, I told them, I told them to send a more powerful demon, but noooo they send me Damon sounded agitated a demon who can’t even create a physical form in the human realm unless I gather enough power.

    I rolled my eyes at him, and kept walking. I had decided to let him keep rambling on about how unfair the other demons were to him and how he knew he shouldn’t have come. I knew I was crazy, my mother told me so…. My mother…. I was returning home and it wasn’t long before I got there, and I knew that she would do something horrible to me. As I walked inside I heard her voice “hello? Ruby-rose? Is that you?” to anyone else who knew it. It would sound simply like a loving mother, but to me, it sounded cold.

    Really? Ruby-rose that’s your name came Damon’s voice.
    “Shut up!” I said out loud “there isn’t anything wrong with my name”
    “Who are you talking to” I head my mother yell out, walking into the room where I was standing.
    “Uh…. No one” I said, backing up away from her.
    “Don’t lie to me ruby-rose, who are you talking to”
    Just tell her, sheesh, what is she going to do came Damon’s voice.
    “She’s going to beat me up Damon, that’s what!” I said, realising what I had done I put my hands over my mouth, fear had made me speak out loud, something I couldn’t risk doing around my mother. “Damon!” she gasped “who is Damon, my dear, sweet ruby-rose I think you have lost your mind”, she reached out and grabbed my arm, “we will have to fix that” I felt her grip tighten on my wrist as she pull me close to her “let go! Let go! Let go!” I yelled out
    “No”, she said, “bad kids must be punished” she slapped me hard across my face several times, each time hurting more and more. I cried out in pain “please stop mother! Please!”
    “No!” she growled “I will NOT let you destroy yourself with these delusions like your father did!” that was when she punched me, letting go of my wrist as she did so. I ran up the stairs crying, curling up in my bed.

    As I laid there crying, I felt a hand stroke my face. Hey calm down will ya, came Damon’s voice, your mum is a bitch by the way, not even a demon parent treats there kids like that. I swear, one day I will kill her. You don’t deserve that treatment, no one does.
    “It doesn’t matter anyway” I said “you’re just my imagination, why won’t you go away”.
    Maybe because I’m not part of your imagination.
    “Go away” I said shaking my head “go away please, I don’t need this, I have enough troubles in my life”.
    Well, I’m sorry honey, but I ain’t going anywhere, not until you come with me.
    “Come with you to where”.
    Let’s see, I’m a demon so it should be pretty obvious where.
    “You’re here to take me to hell aren’t you” a shocked look passed over my face “I swear, I haven’t done anything wrong, I’ve never hurt anyone!”
    That’s exactly why we need you Rosie, you need to save us.
    “Yeah, from who”.
    From the one you call Lucifer….. Rosie…. I need to tell you something, something about your soul, it didn’t start off as a human soul you see….

    That’s when I woke up. “It was a dream” I told myself “I must have fallen asleep thinking”. I sighed, it always was the weirdest feeling. But still, the words Damon told me that day still hunt me, when I was both awake in and in my dreams. For a while it seemed that Damon was lying, Demons couldn’t be real, and Damon wasn’t real. But after seeing him in his physical form the possibility that it was true was there…. But just because Demon’s existed didn’t mean he was telling you truth about the origin of my soul….. Right?


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    Re: The Demon's voice - WARNING 18 + read if you dare

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    Chapter 6


    I walked up the steps of the tower trying to keep calm, my brother wouldn’t like what I had to tell him. A demon I thought a demon has taken her mother’s place, poor ruby-rose, she must have no idea, her mother was no angel, but she was still better than a filthy demon. I finally reached the top of the stairs and took a deep breath before opening the door. My brother stood there, looking out the window, his white and blue robes shining in the pale light that seeped through “brother” he said “why are you here, you only come to visit when you have….. Bad news” as always his voice was cold, and emotionless…. As always he scared me.

    “It is bad news brother” I said “A demon has replaced ruby-rose’s mother…. They are getting too close to her I fear”
    “Ah, and why is it you fear that brother” he said “I am starting to believe that you care for the girl as more than just a project….. It is almost as if you love her”
    “Br-brother, you are mistaken” I told him, caught off guard by his words “why would I fall for her, she and I are from two different words, she is nothing more than a mission to me”
    “hmm, coming from anyone else, I would not believe it, but you have more to lose then just my trust from this, dear brother, remember what I told you that day…. Well, do you?”
    “If she falls I fall, so falling for her is the worst mistake I could make” I said, looking down at my feet “I remember, brother”
    “I certainly hope so, my dear, half fallen brother”
    “Why must you always remind me of my curse” I said glaring at him “it is not as if it is my choice!”
    “Because” he said, anger in his tone “You insolence runs deep to your core, it is in your nature to betray your own kind” I didn’t see it coming, didn’t have time to react, he turned around so fast that all I noticed was the hard crack across my face.

    I jumped back startled, looking up at my brother. People said we looked alike, but I never understood how, his face was stronger and more defined then my round one, his eyes seemed to be a strange kind of grey blue that always seemed too cold, and his hair was so dark it almost looked black. None of our kind had hair that dark, even I did not.

    We stood there for what seems like hours, just staring into each other’s eyes, trying to gauge each other’s weakness. The one to look away first would be the one to give up the battle, in other words, looking away only showed weakness, something neither of us could show. Unfortunately neither of us would have had the chance to gain the advantage.

    A servant man walked up into the room “Master Galen” he said “Master Marcus, demons are at the border of our city”
    “What!” growled Galen “how did they get this close, no demon can break the seals of the land around us, no normal human can either!”
    “I…I don’t know sir” stuttered the man “but we can’t hold them off ourselves, we need your help sir!”

    “Very well” Galen sighed “brother, return to your duties in the modern world I will handle this” I watched him go, knowing that he was strong enough to handle any demon out there, expect for Satan himself. As I left the city I heard the blood curtailing screams of demons dying, and couldn’t help but smile. One day, ruby-rose, I will hear the screams of the demons that surround you, and take pleasure in ending them….. and freeing your soul from there spell.


    I sat at a small table in the middle of a food court waiting for Willow and Nicole to return, they had gone to get food for themselves, and I wasn’t hungry. It was a weird sight, seeing them together, they didn’t get along to well. What was stranger still, Nicole had been the one to set this all up, normally she didn’t do any planning but today she had called me and asked if Willow and myself would be up for a trip to the plaza, I jumped at the chance of course, they were my best friends.

    Damon had said he would leave me alone for girl time today, which was nice to him but I thought he just wanted to spend time gawking at raven at home. I sighed, I kinda missed him, and he had grown on me over the time we had been together, enough though he was still annoying. What made me feel worse though was the fact that I hadn’t heard from Marcus since yesterday, normally he would call the moment I woke up, but he hadn’t, and when I tried to call him it just said the number was unavailable.

    “ok, what’s up with you” came Nichole’s voice, next to her Willow stood silently “you seem really down today” she put a burger and chips in front of me “Willow and I pitched in and got you something, were not buying the whole ‘I’m not hungry’ thing”
    “Thanks” I said smiling at them “but I’m really not”
    “Eat now” said willow, sitting down beside me
    “Yeah you need all the food you can get” said Nichole, sitting down on my other side
    “I have no choice do I” I said sighing
    “No, no you don’t” said Nichole, I dug in

    “So really” said willow as she ate “what’s bothering you?”
    “Just Marcus, he was acting really weird last night, and he hasn’t called me yet today” I said
    “He’s probably just busy” said Nichole
    “Yeah, we all know how in love he is with you” said Willow
    “I know, I’m just being paranoid” I said
    “You know what you need” said Nicole “shopping”
    “sounds good” I said smiling “but let’s eat first” we laughed, finished out food, and then went out on a shopping spree, buying all sorts of things we like, within reason, because some things we found that we loved we just couldn’t afford, but it was still a fun trip.

    I ended up getting home at about three o’clock in the afternoon “hello people!” I said smiling, walking inside. Raven was the first to see me “how was your day” she said smiling
    “It was good, I really need to spend more time with my friends” I said
    “That’s great to hear” she said “by the way, Damon has gone on a little trip back to hell”
    “What! Why!” I said, shocked
    “He is just visiting some people, he will be back by tomorrow, don’t worry”
    “You sure he will be back by tomorrow?” I asked
    “Yes, now, go do something you find enjoyable, I’ve cleaned the house and everything, I’ll be starting on dinner soon as well” she giggled “I like this parenting stuff, makes me wish I had child of my own”
    “You will one day” I said, smiling at her “oh and you would make a great mother” I started walking to my room, and heard the small “thank you” from raven, just as I entered my room.

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    Re: The Demon's voice - WARNING 18 + read if you dare

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    Chapter 7:

    I walked through hell, a grin on my face on my face, it was nice to have a physical body once again. I remembered back, to the day of my punishment, the curse I had been given. My physical body could not leave hell, only my spirit could, and my true body was a marvellous body to say the least.

    My muscles were hard and defined, although fairly lean. My hair was dark as night and come to my shoulders in length, my eyes were the colour of blood. My long horns protruded from the top of my head, my wings came out two a meter and a half in length either side of my body, though right now they sat safely tucked against my back, my tail hung lazily to my left side, slightly touching the ground, all were red in colour. Ah yes, my body, it was amazing, a lot more amazing then that artificial thing I thought though making it was well worth it, Rosie, I can’t wait to return you to where you really belong.

    Soon, all too soon I reached my distention. It was a large castle that sat in the middle of hell, it was Lucifer’s home. Taking a deep breath I entered the castle. I knew my way around it well, I had once been a servant and a close ally to Lucifer himself, but all that was before I fell in love. The women had made me do traitorous things, and I never regrated them. She was gone now though, I only hoped she could return some day.

    Finally I reached the throne room, Lucifer rarely left it. Beside him were his two remaining children. On his left was his daughter, Scarlet. Her hair was a rich dark red, body slender and arousing, her eyes black and soulless, she sat laying across the chair, her legs dangling provocatively. To lucifers right stood his son, Teivel, a hard man to get along with at the best of times. He had black hair, no horns, and a permanent frown on his face, where scarlet was all charm and lies, he was straight forward and cruel. Just like scarlet though, his eyes were black and soulless.

    Finally I looked towards Lucifer, he looked just as cold as he always was, he was pretty much an older version of Teivel. I slowly moved forward and fell to my knees, kneeling in front of him “my lord” I said, a respectful tone, vile raising in my throat.
    “Damon” he said, his voice cold, emotionless “thank you for answering my summons”
    “You say that like a choice” I said, standing up and glaring at him
    “Temper, temper” said scarlet “not a good thing to have in a man”
    “Yes, Damon, you really shouldn’t be so angry, I could make your curse the same as hers” said Lucifer
    “That would be a blessing sir” I growled at him
    “Yes, but then, how would you save her” Lucifer her
    “I am not a traitor sir” I said “I do not know where she is”
    “I hope so” he said “you are worth more to me here, then not”
    “What is it you want sir” I said “you wouldn’t have called me here just to threaten me”
    “Indeed” said Lucifer “there has been an increased amount of demonic energy in the earth realm…. In the area you have recently been feeding in”
    “So” I said, rolling my eyes “this concerns me why?”
    “Because it was powerful enough that even with your curse a physical body could have been created”
    “Oh, you think I made a new body for the human world” I said “you took that power away from me when you cursed me, remember” I had been prepared for this, I knew he would have sense it, he was the original demon, the ruler of us all, but I had always been a good liar.
    “Oh…. Maybe it wasn’t you” Lucifer said “maybe it was, the fact is, I don’t trust you so I’ll be keeping a close eye on the energy flow in your area, after all, you could be with her”
    “Very well sir” I said “is that all?”
    “Yes, that is everything, unless my son or daughter have something to add”
    “No, father” said Teivel
    “Can I play with him!” said scarlet “pretty pretty please”
    “God I hope not” I said, as a shiver of disgust went done my spine
    “Ugh, no surprise there” scarlet said, venom in her voice “your still in love with her”
    “well, duh” said Teivel “even I know that, and I’m an unemotional zombie” it was true, his tone of voice never seemed to display any emotion, or even preference, even now it sounded like he didn’t care one way or the other
    “Enough children” said Lucifer “you may go now Damon, I have had enough of looking at you”
    “Cool with me” I said, getting up and walking “I’m out”

    I decided to stop into my favourite place in hell before heading back to the earth realm, simply because I was hungry, demon souls were taster and I was able to get more energy from others in my true form. I was lucky the bar wasn’t too far away from Lucifer’s castle, a short walk really. A lot of people seemed to think that just because demon’s had wings, it meant we flew everywhere, but personally, I liked to walk it was nice. Don’t get me wrong though, quite a few demons flew everywhere, but it just wasn’t me.

    Finally I entered the bar, and I knew there wasn’t a person in this room who didn’t know who I was, I heard several whispers around me “look, it’s the cursed incubus” said one
    “I thought he was dead” said another one “I mean he can’t get energy can he?”
    “No no” said a third “he can still go to the earth realm, he just can’t get there physically”

    It made me grin hearing all the rumours, some were right, some were wrong, all made me laugh. I was the kind of person who could laugh at myself If I screwed up and boy had I made some screw ups in my life.

    As I sat, I was able to feed off all the sexual tension going on between guys flirting with girls, girls flirting with guys and anyone who else who was flirting. It was one of the traits unique to myself, I didn’t need to have sex with others, I could feed on the desire radiating from others around me, within a certain distance anyway.

    Within a few hours I was full “guess I should head back” I mumbled to myself “on the plus side, I’ve had enough to be in my physical form” I got up and walked back to my house, where I sat down on the ground my legs crossed “let’s see if I can get you here tonight ruby-rose, I’m running out of time” closing my eyes I moved my soul through the plains of existence and into the physical realm.

    When I re-opened my eyes I was in my human form again “not as good, but still pretty nice” I mumbled to myself, that was when I heard voices coming from the room over. One was ruby-rose, I was sure of it, and she sounded in distress, so I walked into the room and said “hey Rosie, you ok you sound….” I stopped then looked about, in the room was her boyfriend, Marcus
    “What! What is a male demon in your house!” said Marcus
    “D…Damon” said Ruby-rose “what are you doing here!”
    “You know this demon!” growled Marcus
    “Ooo…. I think I made a boo boo” I said, a grin on my face, hopefully I could use this to my advantage, and finally bring ruby-rose to hell.

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    Re: The Demon's voice - WARNING 18 + read if you dare

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    Chapter 8:


    The day had gone by so slowly, it was finally nightfall and my thoughts had only been on one person, Damon, he never left my side for this long, if at all…it made me worry. I shouldn’t be thinking about him I thought to myself I should be thinking about Marcus, he is the one who matters, not some floozy Demon who stalks me. I sighed to myself, why was I thinking about him so much? He didn’t matter to me, never mattered to me.

    “Ruby-rose!” Came raven’s voice “Someone is here to see you!”
    “Alright!” I yelled back “I’ll be there in a sec” I got up and walked out to the lounge room Damon is back I thought it has to be him, and I bet he’s in his human form waiting for me…. I hope he’s wearing clothes this time though. As I entered the lounge I had to keep my face from dropping, it wasn’t Damon, it was Marcus. It still put a smile on my face, I loved being around Marcus.

    I walked up to him and hugged him, he hugged me back “you doing ok” he said “I’ve been calling you all afternoon, you promised to call when you got home from your friends I was worried”
    “I’m sorry Marcus” I said “I was lost in my own little world, as usual” I giggled
    “Of corse you were” Marcus chuckled, rolling his eye “you always are” I smiled up at him. That was when I heard a cough from the doorway “Ruby-rose, I’m afraid he can’t stay long, ok?”
    “Alright ra…. Mum” I said “can I get a few moments alone to say goodbye though?”
    “Ok” raven said smiling “don’t be too long though” as she spoke she turned around and left.

    I turned back to Marcus to see all the colour had drained from his face “are you ok?” I asked, worry in my voice
    “Ruby-rose” He said “I have to get you out of here…. That women…. She is not your mother” at that moment the colour went away from my face as well “what are you talking about Marcus?” I said, worry in my voice.
    “She is not your mother…. She is a demon, your mother was no angel, but she was better than one of those disgusting thing”

    “You’re….your crazy!” I said, trying to get him off this topic “there is no such thing as demons!”
    “No ruby-rose, they exist….. They exist when they never should have” Marcus said
    “Hey Rosie, you ok you sound….” I turned to see Damon standing in the doorway, in his human form.
    “What! What is a male demon in your house!” Marcus said, sounding really angry
    “D…Damon” I said, in a panic “what are you doing here!”
    “You know this demon!” Marcus growled at me
    “Ooo…. I think I made a boo boo” Damon, he had a smart grin on his face.
    “How…. How could you ruby-rose, I LOVED YOU” Marcus said, growling at me “and you…. You cheat on me with this… this… abomination!”

    “Now hold up there lover boy” said Damon “I never did anything with ruby-rose, she wouldn’t let me, she was too loyal to you, not saying I didn’t try, I did, but she is stubborn”
    “You’re a demon” Marcus growled “you would have forced her!”
    “And you’re an angel” Damon said “well… you think you are anyway”
    “You don’t know what I am” Marcus growled
    “Wait…. What is he talking about” I said, looking between the two of them
    “You really think there is no such thing as angels” Damon said “I mean there are demons of corse there are angels”
    “Wait does that mean…”
    “Yes…. Ruby-rose” Marcus said “I am an angel” I stared in shocked as his shirt ripped revealing two large, white wings

    “No…” I said, shaking my head “you…. You can’t be…. You’re…. You’re human!”
    “Please” Damon said “he has been lying to you since day one”
    “Oh don’t you act so superior!” I yelled at Damon “you…. You knew all this! And you never said a WORD about it!”
    “No surprise there, he is a demon, they always lie!” said Marcus
    “Oh don’t you start!” I yelled, tears in my eyes “at least Damon didn’t lie about what he was! He told me what and who he really was from the start! Did you even really love me?!”
    “Of corse I did Ruby-rose” he said, sounding hurt “It may not have started out that way, but I did love you”
    “It doesn’t matter anyway” I said, moving to stand in front of Damon “I’m out of here…. I’m going to take back my true life…. As a demon”
    “bad luck Angel boy” said Damon “I’m taking her back to where she belongs… and I think you should think long and hard about where you belong” I heard Damon laugh, just as I was engulfed in flames, my last sight was Marcus running towards us, as if he was trying to save me from the flames.


    I fell to my knees just as they disappeared, I couldn’t believe it, I had failed my mission, but what I couldn’t believe more…. I had lost my dear ruby-rose. My brother, was going to kill me. I didn’t care, I was numb to everything but the pain of losing my one and only love. Still I wasn’t going to face my brother just yet, I was going to let myself suffer for a while.

    I walked slowly back to my home on earth, it was just a small apartment, enough for myself. It was also away from any angel or demon, which I liked. I entered the building making sure I nodded to the lady who worked at the desk on the bottom floor, she giggled and blushed as she always did.

    The room I stayed in was closer to the top, so it took me a while to walk up the steps and when I entered the room I knew… I wasn’t alone “come out” I growled “I know your there” I turned to see the Male demon and the female who had replaced ruby-rose’s mother standing there

    “Hiya” said the women “we didn’t officially meet, I’m raven”
    “Scum like you don’t deserve names” I said
    “now now” said Damon “there is no need for attitude like that, we Just came to let you know, ruby-rose is safe, we know who she is, and we were always on her side”
    “She was my best friend growing up” Raven sighed
    “I don’t care about who she was” I said “I care about who she is”

    “Well, you obviously don’t, considering the fact you didn’t tell her the truth about who and what you are”
    “I told her what I am! I am an angel!”
    “You told her once you were found out, and you only told her half of what you are”
    “That doesn’t matter, I know inside, I am more angel”
    “Eh, it’s your choice, but maybe you want to know who your real father is huh”
    “It was a selfish demon of lust who raped my mother”
    “Oh he wasn’t selfish, and it wasn’t rape” said the raven girl
    “That’s right, your mother wanted it” Said Damon “and I was glad to give it to her” they both laughed, a flame appearing around them “and never forget, you’re welcome to join us, but ruby-rose….. She will always be mine, not yours” the fire engulfed them, and they disappeared, leaving scorch marks on my carpet.

    “Stupid Demon” I said “now I know who I need to kill, to get my true wings…. And to get MY ruby-rose back” I left the room, and flew up towards heaven, I needed the angels on my side…. To invade hell. Even my brother would agree to the plan I was now formulating in my mind…. no, ruby-rose nor I will ever become a demon, not as long as I could still breath, as long as I could still fight.

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    Re: The Demon's voice - WARNING 18 + read if you dare

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